Delivering Superior Sleep Experience

Dreamlight is an intelligent product based on sound and light control to create an improved sleep environment, which combines many effective methods to improve people’s sleep such as mindfulness based therapy, brainwave music, green light controlling melatonin secretion and photoelectric detection. It’s a product that intends to fill the blank of the market with the ultimate aim to improve sleep quality.

Integrated Sleep System
Dreamlight eyeshade is featured with an integrated sleep system to improve people’s sleep quality effectively, comfortably as well as portably.
Light Sleep Aid /
Wake-up System
Light is a great factor to influence people’s sleep so the core function of Dreamlight eyeshade is to make a control of light, which includes three aspects: shading system, light sleep aid system, light wake-up system.
Light Beauty Function
Dreamlight eyeshade with a bluetooth headset can create sound environment to help sleep by means of sleeping brain waves and double sonic wave. It also can reduce a certain amount of noise physically due to the ear pressure type.

Detachable and Washable Design

Dreamlight eyeshade is of a feature unique to any smart eyepatch at present, it’s its design that can be detachable and washable, which requires good technique for the technological and structural designs.

Comfortable Design

The desigan philosophy of Dreamlight eyeshade is to offer a comfortable eyeshade, which has an advantage over the traditional ones on shading structure design, ear decompression design and material choice and so on.

Key points of shading design

Promoting compatibility with customers in Europe and America

The beginning of the shade bar is sited at the middle of the nose in the convenience of shading while reducing the requirement of height of the shading bar.

Reducing the pressure to face

The thickness of the tail of the shading bar is reduced in order to reduce the pressure to face as well as the risk that the facial support is too high to give nose shading.

The hot pressing integral molding technique

This technique can make sure of the shading effect with no stitching in the whole area.

Temperature memory cotton shading bar

Temperature sense of material used for filling the space of the wing of the nose can be sure to provide the shade as well as the support to people with its softness.

Nine Unique Features of Dreamlight

1. Integrated sleep system

2. Light sleep aid/wake-up system

3. Light beauty function

4. Music sleep aid function

5. Sleep monitoring function

6. Detachable and washable design

7. Comfortable designs

8. Two kinds of unique interface interaction design

9. Jet lag adjustment function

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